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Acts 11:26 “...It was at Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians


Being a Christian and a disciple are two sides of the same coin! They were never meant to be separated. 

The Biblical concept is that when you become a believer, and a follower of Jesus, you become a disciple. You are thrust into the mission that Jesus calls all His disciples to: “Go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19


Disciples follow Jesus!

Disciples look like Jesus!

Disciples are full of the Holy Spirit.

Disciples do what He says!

Disciples preach the message of the Kingdom and heal the sick, cast out demons, baptise people.

Disciples release the rule and reign of Jesus in their everywhere.

Disciples make disciples who make disciples!



How do we see this happening at MLC?

At Melbourne Lights Church we see discipleship happening simultaneously in two different ways:​

Through Discipleship Groups

Through Discipler Relationships

Discipleship Groups:


“...small groups are only a means to an end for engaging communities, establishing spiritual foundations, equipping believers to minister and empowering disciples to make disciples” (pg31 WikiChurch by Steve Murrell)


Our Discipleship Groups are groups that are authentically committed to following Jesus and loving one another, however they are so much more! Our groups are a place where a culture of connection, testimony, worship, prayer, prophecy, love for the Holy Spirit, love for the word and outreach happen.


Although each group will look a little different from one another, each carries the same heart and vision - to see a community of disciples grounded in the word, equipped in the Spirit and released to make disciples.


One of our catch cries is: “We don’t just go on missions, we live on mission” and we do this together.


Discipler Relationships:


Discipler Relationships are targeted, individual relationships. They are about doing life closely and intentionally with individuals with the aim of discipling them to become more like Jesus.


We encourage everyone to be intentional about reaching out and building personal relationships with individuals with the goal of making disciples.

The four E’s of discipleship or the discipleship circle is a really simple way to describe the process of discipleship. Engage our community, establish Biblical foundations, equip believers and empower (or release) them to go make disciples themselves:

Use the following links to learn more about the four E's and access resources to support you at each stage:

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