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Strategically EQUIP Everybody

We are committed to equip everybody to minister to others.

God wants to use everyone and it is not dependent on their own ability or qualifications. He qualifies us!

Whether someone has been a follower of Jesus for years or has just given their life to Him, both are called and empowered to live on mission and minister the gospel.

In Acts 9 we see Saul, who was intent on killing anyone who was a Jesus follower, radically encountered by Jesus on the way to Damascus. It completely changed him! After spending some days with the disciples, the Bible tells us that Saul, now Paul “at once” began to preach and make disciples. Paul didn’t wait until he was ‘mature’ to start ministering. Instead, he matured quickly because he ministered and because he had other disciples that walked alongside him.


Equipping looks like giving every believer tools to share the gospel, to lead people to Christ, to heal the sick, cast out demons, to baptise new believers and to confidently pray for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

It’s teaching them to be like Jesus.

“...As He is in this world, so are we” 1 John 4:17

Practical Ideas:


Silence Breakers:


This is a free 12-week course to equip believers to 'believe the truth, defeat the lies and break the silence'.

You can find out more and register using the following link:

Even if you don't do the whole course, here are some practical tools that they share that you can refer to as you equip fellow believers to minister to others:

3 Circles - This simple analogy allows you to visually demonstrate and explain the gospel story in about 3 minutes.

You can watch it being done here or access the online resource below:


Lordship Circle - Another great visual tool to show what it looks like to move from a self-directed to a Christ-centered life.

You can watch it being done here.

Hope Stories and 15 Second Testimonies:


Testimonies are powerful tools to share Jesus with people. Non-believers are often more responsive to personal, authentic stories of faith as opposed to teachings and ideas.


The 15 second testimony format quick and effective way to share how Jesus has impacted your life; it's very helpful to show newer believers how easy and simple it can be! 

Similarly, Hope Stories emerged as a challenge to post a 60 second video to social media to share the hope that you have through Jesus.

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