The New Testament recognises leadership in the local church as being carried out by Elders (pastors) and 

Deacons (servants). Melbourne Lights Church leadership is modelled according to this Biblical pattern.

Our lead couple, along with the other elders and deacons work together as a team to lead and shepherd the church.

Matt and Elodie



Lead Elders

Matt and Elodie are fun. Matt loves cheese and biscuits. Elodie can be found finding treasures in op shops everywhere. They have two spunky boys Hugo and Henry.

mark and louise



Eldership Couple

Mark and Louise are fantastic. Mark has a killer squash game. Louise is full of joy and laughs. They have four children, Liana, Jessica, Jonathan and Joshua.

Olaf and LianA



Eldership Couple

Olaf and Liana are amazing. Olaf is an engineering genius. Liana makes the worlds greatest caramel slice. They have two gorgeous boys, Riley and Lewis.

David and gabby


Eldership Couple

David and Gabby are awesome. David plays with power, making communication a breeze. Gabby has been known to make enough lasagna to feed 50 ravenous youth. They have four fabulous children, Jess, Bethany, Jordan and Amy.


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